Practical Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss that Lasts

Following a diet religiously, losing weight, and achieving an ideal BMI is the easy part. The more difficult part comes afterward when you quit the diet and go back to eating normally again.

Clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania, Gary Foster, Ph.D. revealed on LiveStrong that close to 65% of dieters end up regaining the weight they lose within 3 years down the line.

To prevent that from happening, you need sustainable and healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss that you can continue to follow so you keep off the excess pounds. For good!

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You Need Customized Meal Prep Plans for Weight Loss

Most of the diet plans that you may find online or in books are designed to fail from day one. That’s because they haven’t been created keeping your unique body structure and lifestyle in mind. Like the experts at the Mayo Clinic will tell you, the weight loss regimen that is most likely to last is one that involves your doctor. Work with your physician to come up with healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss that suit your specific needs.

Your doctor will take into consideration several factors such as your medical history, prescription drugs, and any conditions that may be causing you to gain weight. She will also help explore your likes and dislikes, and the diet plans that match your budget. Most important, she may connect you with a support group or come up with an accountability program to help you stick with the weight loss regimen. Or, better yet, suggest that you opt for a healthy meal delivery service to help you get the food you need.

Healthy Meal Prep for Weight Loss Must Fit Your Lifestyle

Obesity researcher at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Michael Jensen warns, “People need to have the mindset of someone who is ready and willing to make some permanent changes in the way they live. A number of treatments can create short-term weight loss without a great deal of effort from the person, but they don’t allow for long-term weight loss.”

Ultimately, the best weight loss program is one that only needs to make small switches in your everyday eating habits. If you need to make drastic changes to accommodate the diet, there’s no way you’ll stay with it. Here are some easy to follow healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss.

Include Carbs in Your Diet – Just Choose the Right Ones

You may have heard the theory that cutting carbs from your diet can help you lose weight quickly. But, if it’s a sustainable plan you’re looking for, include carbs. Only make sure to eat whole grains that are not refined. Like, for instance, whole wheat bread and brown rice in place of white. Choose whole grain cereals for breakfast and avoid anything that is even remotely processed. Whether or not carbs can help you lose weight is an issue that is still under debate. But, whole grains do form a part of every balanced diet.

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Load Up on Vegetables and Fruits

If you tire of salads quickly, find other ways to include vegetables and fruits in your meals. Consider stir-frying them in low-fat dairy butter that brings out their flavors and lends a sweetness to the taste. Using condiments and sauces to make them appetizing is another of the healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss you can use. Adding a few dishes from the vegan meal prep delivery menu should you choose to order meals online is also a smart move.

Switch to Healthy Cooking Oils

Be aware that an optimum amount of fat in your diet is essential for the proper functioning of your organs and metabolism. Your body also needs fat to maintain the balance of hormones so its systems works like they should. The trick here is to choose the right fats. For instance, pick dairy butter, canola oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. Not only will these oils make your meals taste great, but they serve as an important source of fuel.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks and Snacks

Dr. Dean Schillinger is the chief of the University of California, San Francisco Division of General Internal Medicine. He recommends, “Avoid all sugary drinks, as they provide ’empty calories’ that don’t fill you up. The sugar may uniquely act on the liver to produce belly fat.”

While on the subject of sugar, also skip all desserts that are loaded with sugars. Opt for fresh fruit or look for preparations made with natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey. Watch out for products containing chemical sweeteners because manufacturers may add more of a fat content to make their desserts taste good and fly off the grocery store shelves.

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Eat the Right Quantity of Proteins

Including adequate protein in your diet helps you lose weight by filling you up quickly. That’s because proteins stimulate the body to produce more of compounds that lower hunger-causing hormones. One of the most effective healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss is to add a portion of protein to your meal, and you’ll end up eating less. Proteins also have the property of keeping your metabolism boosted so you continue to burn calories even at rest.

Indulge Once in a While

Giving up your favorite foods completely is just not possible. And, removing them from your diet altogether is not a practical move. Sooner or later, you will give in and go back to your old eating habits. The trick here is to eat small portions say, once a week to keep the cravings away.

Choose an Easy Meal Prep for Weight Loss

One of the biggest challenges that you may face when following healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss is working them into your lifestyle. When you’re juggling crazy work and family schedules, finding the time to shop, cook, and eat nutritious meals is hard. A better move is to sign up for a healthy food delivery near you. Check their menu and ingredients for dishes that match your weight loss regimen. Order food online and have it delivered to your home.

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Why Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss Work

By opting for healthy and sustainable meal prep ideas, you’ll avoid issues like lack of energy levels, and feelings of being deprived and famished. Over time, you’ll lower appetite levels, but also maintain and even, improve metabolic rates. All these results are just what you need to sustain the weight loss on a long-term basis.

Have you been struggling with weight loss programs that just don’t seem to work? Are you looking for a diet that can help you lose weight and keep it off? Are you open to adopting a healthier lifestyle? Contact us with your queries and our consultants will get back to you with all the information you need.

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