Food Delivery Apps – The Smarter Option for Healthy Meals

Whether you choose to opt for takeaway or place orders using food delivery apps, the basic factor is convenience. By ordering pre-cooked meals, you’re saving the time and botheration of shopping and cooking. And, let’s not overlook the possibility that the dishes you slave over don’t really turn out the way you expect them to taste.

Most Americans are opting for the convenience of ordering meals. Like Forbes reports, millennials spend close to 44% or $2,921 of their food allowance each year on eating out. Further, results of research conducted by Quartz reveal that in the five years from May 2010 to May 2015, the number of online orders rose from 403 million to 904 million. These figures indicate the rising popularity of food delivery apps.

But, what is a better option? Ordering meals at a restaurant or diner? Or, choosing to place orders at a prepared meal delivery service.

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Restaurants Now Tie-Up with Delivery Services

Earlier, restaurants did not offer you the facility of delivering food to homes and workplaces. But, now things are changing to cater to growing demand. Most of your favorite restaurants now partner with food delivery services. These companies pick up the food from restaurant kitchens and deliver the meals to your home.

You’ll no longer have to spend time on a sit-down, formal dinner (unless you want to!). Nor, will you have to wait in queues to pick up your order when you’re headed home after an exhausting day at work. All the cuisines and dishes you like are available at the touch of a button with the food delivery app.

You Can Rest Assured About Health and Food Quality

Given that all restaurants conform with strict health and safety regulations, you need not worry about maintenance of hygiene in their kitchens. It is understandable that you’re concerned about eating healthy with low fat and high nutrition. Most takeaways and diners have that issue covered too.

Well-known chains like McDonald’s, Panera, Subway, Quizno’s, and many others offer you healthy sandwiches and other offerings. They assure you that their food is cooked with organic ingredients, grass-fed beef, and open range poultry. Should you check the food delivery app, you’ll find detailed listings of the calorie count and fat content of each dish so you can choose responsibly. You’ll also find a range of options that are clearly low-fat. And, by making a few switches (take-outs allow you to do that), you can put together the perfect order that is nutritious and yummy.

Check Customer Reviews for Information

Chance are that you aren’t quite convinced about factors like say, the freshness of the food, accuracy of the order, or efficient delivery. The solution is simple. Check the reviews and testimonials from customers on the food delivery app and make your choice. You could also check with family, friends, and neighbors for the prepared meal services they have tried in the past with great results. Or, check for the restaurant’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau for authoritative opinions. You’ll also receive information about any complaints that have been raised in the past.

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Regular Orders Can Get You Discounts and Deals

Once you order regularly using a particular food delivery app, you might be able to avail of deals and discounts. These benefits can make your meals all the more economical. Most delivery companies also have special deals for holidays like, say, for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Repeat orders can earn you points that you can redeem. And, you’ll also have the flexibility of changing your order to suits changing plans.

Your Other Option? Using the Food Delivery Apps Provided by Meal Services

In place of ordering from well-known restaurants, you can choose convenient meal delivery from special food places that deliver. These meal providers cater solely to homes and workplaces. They offer you all the positives you get with restaurant delivery. But, with an added advantage. The meals they provide are just like you would cook them at home. Think about these food delivery services as a neighbor cooking and sending you meals each day.

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Ordering Meals from Food Delivery Services is More Beneficial

Here’s why:

  • You have the option of receiving frozen meals and stocking up your fridge over the weekend. When you’re ready to eat, you only need to reheat the food and serve.
  • Using the food delivery app developed by the food services, you can place orders for an entire week.
  • The services serve you food in containers that are microwaveable. Thanks to this facility, you can bring the food to work and eat healthy all through the day.
  • Are you concerned about the waste you’re generating? Some delivery services carry away the waste and recycle it for you.
  • Would you like to try your hand at cooking? Order the gourmet meal prep menus that bring you all the ingredients, carefully measured and separately packed. You’ll also receive complete recipe cards with detailed instructions that you can save for later use.
  • Home delivered food services offer you meals according to specific preferences. Like for instance, you can order paleo meals, vegan or vegetarian dishes, and bodybuilding meal preps. Diners with health issues can opt for the sugar-free, gluten-free, and low-sodium dishes among others.
  • Most food delivery services cater to locations only within a particular radius from their kitchens. In this way, they ensure that the food reaches you while it’s still fresh with no possibility of spoilage. On your request, they’ll even assist you by placing the meals indoors to protect the food from accidental weather damage.
  • You’ll find that ordering meals from these meal providers works out a lot more economical as compared to take-out. That’s because these providers don’t incur overheads expenses like restaurants.

Food delivery apps have added to the convenience of ordering meals at home in a big way. And, if you can choose the right provider, you can source healthy, delicious meals at very affordable prices. For information about one such delivery service, contact us. Our consultants are on standby to provide you with all the details you need.


Have you tried ordering meals at a food delivery service before? How were your experiences? How about sharing them with other users looking to try food delivery apps? Please use the comment box below.



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