Is Soya the Bad Guy in the Fresh Meals Sent to Your Home?

As a bodybuilding athlete, you’re well aware of including the optimum amounts of protein in your diet. That’s because the protein you eat is highly essential for building muscle mass. However, if you’re lactose-intolerant and/or vegetarian, you may be looking for alternative sources of this food group. Accordingly, your personal dietician may recommend that you include soya, beans, and other proteins in the fresh meals sent to your home.

Recent Hype is Projecting Soya as the Villain of the Bodybuilding World

In recent times, soya has been attracting a lot of negative hype with athletes wondering if they should be eating more of (or, well, any) amount of soya. The possibly most critical downside is that eating soy could boost the estrogen in your body. And, we all know that an excess of estrogen could potentially lower testosterone levels in the body. Low T levels could make it hard for you to build the muscle mass you’re looking for. So, maybe, you should avoid it like plague in the fresh meals sent to your home.

Is there any truth in this theory? New research says “No!”

Scientists Say that Soy is Harmful Only if Consumed in Excess

The optimum diet plan for a bodybuilder must have at least 0.63 to 0.77 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. Accordingly, an athlete weighing 184 pounds will need 116 grams of protein each day. Eating 116 grams of soya in a day is just not a practical approach. And, you will need to add other protein-rich foods to your convenient meal delivery menu. Like, for instance, egg whites, casein, whey protein, and various others depending on your preferences and health tolerances.

Given that you will be balancing the soy content with other proteins, there is a highly slim chance that soy can cause any ill-effects on your health or bodybuilding efforts. So, you can safely order soy in the fresh meals sent to your home.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Am. J. Clinical Nutrition, Jan 1984; 39: 8 – 15 published the results of a study. This research was conducted on a group of men over 84 days where one group ate isolated soy protein while the other consumed beef proteins. Here’s what the researchers had to say:

“Body cell mass measurements did not reveal any deterioration in protein nutritional status. These observations confirm the prediction, derived from previous short-term nitrogen balance studies, that the nutritional quality of isolated soy protein is high and that this plant protein can serve as the sole source of essential amino acids and nitrogen for protein maintenance in adults.”

Soy has Various Health Benefits for the Bodybuilder

Are you a bodybuilder who likes soy or is simply looking to avoid dairy products or meat when you order food online? Soya can prove to be beneficial for your workouts. Here’s how:

  • Dr. Jose Antonio is the head of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. He reveals that any proteins sourced from plants are typically incomplete proteins unlike animal proteins. That’s because they don’t contain essential amino acids. On the other hand, soy contains complete proteins so you might want to include it in your bodybuilding diet. In short, soy can help you build muscle mass.
  • Soy can raise the levels of nitric oxide that, in turn, boosts the levels of growth hormones in the blood and the flow of blood to your muscles.
  • After combining soy powder with whey protein in a half and half ratio, drink it before and after your workout sessions. Soy has adequate antioxidants that can help you recover from muscle stress.
  • Soy in any form helps with macronutrient optimization. For instance:
    • One cup of boiled soybeans or edamame can provide you with 298 calories of which 29 grams are protein, 17 grams are carbs, and 15 grams are fat.
    • One scoop of soy protein powder can provide you with 120 calories of which 25 grams are protein, 1 gram are carbs, and 1.5 grams are fat

You can Safely Add Soy to the Fresh Meals Sent to Your Home

Recent research shows that bodybuilders can safely add soy in any form to their diet and reap its many benefits. When placing order for fresh meals sent to your home, look for food items like edamame, tofu, soy milk, miso, soy sauce, tempeh, or soy nuts. You can also ask your personal trainer for recommendations on the soy protein you can add to your meals or the protein shakes you drink.

Do you enjoy eating soy and soy products? Are you a vegetarian or lactose-intolerant? Have you been looking for protein alternatives in your food? Contact us at Meal Prep Delivery and talk to our consultants about the best options available for your special needs.

Have you been concerned about the recent hype about the downsides of soy products? Did you eliminate them from your athletic diet? How were your experiences? Please share your thoughts using the comment box below.


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