3 Macronutrients Meal Plan Ideas for Weight Loss

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you know that having a macronutrients meal plan can be the difference in making or breaking your fitness goals.

Macronutrients and micronutrients are vital for our bodies to perform at amazing levels, and will be vital in ensuring you are receiving proper nutrition. These days, there are tons of different macro meal recipes out there, but which ones help you get the fuel you really need?

Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your macronutrients!

First Things First, Count Your Macros!

Before you know which macro meal plans will be right for you, it’s important to figure out what macros you need in all of your recipes.

There are tons of different online counters that will help you figure out the exact amount of macronutrients and micronutrients needed for your gender, height, weight, activity level, and more.

Once you have this information, use one of the macro meal recipes below to get started on your nutrition journey.

Macronutrients Meal Plan Ideas

1. The Low-Calorie Diet

Many macro meal recipes involve using a variety of food groups to get the exact nutrition you need. However, many people choose to follow a more specific macro meal plan guideline that involves keeping overall calories low. This plan is best for getting macronutrients for weight loss, and is directed at those who want to get complete nutrition while reducing calories and aiding fat loss.

Examples of food groups included in bounty in this meal plan are: vegetables, fruits, grains, meats, legumes, dairy, and nuts/seeds. And you can also include low-calorie foods such as watercress and arugula, grapefruit and strawberries, wheat bran and bulgur, cod and chicken breast, tofu and lentils, egg whites and skim milk, and peanut butter.

2. The High-Fat Diet (Keto Diet)

A recent macros diet that has come into popularity in recent years is the low carb, high fat diet.

This specific macronutrients meal plan involves incorporating foods high in good, healthy fats while reducing (or completely eliminating) foods with heavy amounts of carbohydrates.

Examples of great high fat foods include most major nuts and seeds, avocado, egg whites, chicken breast. Peanut butter is a great (and go-to) ingredient in this diet, and will definitely keep you sane when all you want is a delicious, carb-filled chocolate peanut butter muffin!

3. The High Protein, Low Carb Diet

One of the most common macronutrients meal plan is eating foods that provide you with a high protein, low carb diet. This diet was built for athletes, body builders, and extreme sportsman, and will be excellent in aiding weight loss if you are into fat burning activities.

Some food examples to include in your daily macro meal plan include soybeans, edamame, lentils, broccoli, peas, pumpkin seeds, and most meats and nuts.

The key to success in this macro meal plan is making sure that you eat high amounts of protein while being conscious of limiting your overall carbohydrate intake.

Get Your Macronutrients Meal Plan Delivered

Whatever specific macro meal recipes and diet plan you’d like to follow, why worry about prepping and cooking the ingredients yourself? You have to focus on your weight loss, which means taking hours of time out of your week to plan and prepare macro meal recipes will be an unnecessary headache.

By using a gourmet meal delivery like ours, you can get macro meals delivered straight to your door! We even take the time to calculate your specific macronutrients and micronutrients requirements, so all you have to worry about is accepting the delivery and enjoying delicious, healthy food at every meal.
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